A large ferry boat that says "Caledonian MacBrayne" on the side. The boat's name on the bow reads "Isle of Mull".

Ferries were a big part of our Scotland trip.

We started with a drive across the mainland to the "Isle of Mull", a very large ferry boat that took us, with our car, to (you probably guessed it), the Isle of Mull.

We drove across Mull to another Ferry, the "Loch Buie". We parked our car on Mull, and took that Ferry over to Iona. It appears that the Loch Buie spends all day gong back and forth across the straight between Mull and Iona, a distance so short we could watch the entire transit from "the quiet garden" at our hotel on Iona. Wikipedia's discussion of the geography of Iona says the distance is about a mile.

After a couple of days on Iona we took the Loch Buie back to Mull, found our car none the worse for wear, and headed over to another ferry that took us to the mainland. I don't know what this one was named, it was not the "Isle of Mull". Once on the mainland, we drove a bit more and took one last ferry to the Isle of Skye.

So, five ferry rides on four different Ferry's by the time we were done.

Oh, and in case you're wondering how we ever got off of Skye, there is a bridge back to the mainland.

All of the ferries we took were operated by an outfit name Caledonian MacBrayne