Maria Visited in August

Our Niece Maria visited in August. She went with Chris to the Newseum, and I showed her the sights of DC.

Liz visited in May

Our Niece Liz visited in May, and even did the Healthy Strides 5K with us at Burke Lake park.

June Visit by Matt and Lauren and the kids

Matt and Lauren drove down from State College with Rolin and Fern for a vist in June.

Heath and Magic

Heath talks to Magician Richard Bloch, who is sitting and holding a deck of cards

Our Grandson Heath is still into Magic.

We took him to a magic show for his birthday in March. The show was at the Mansion on O Street (, featuring Richard Bloch.

He also did a magic act in the talent show with his School in April.

Chris Visited Fern for her Birthday in February

Chris traveled back to State College in February for our Granddaughter Fern's birthday!

Epic Lego fun in February

Heath is an avid Lego Builder and creates many dramatic scenes.

Started the year in State College

We started 2019 in State College, Pennsylvania. We were up there for our Grandson Rolin's birthday (he was born on New Year's eve -- that should be good for some fun parties when he gets older).

Oriana Visited in November

Our niece Oriana visited in November. She was in town for an infectious disease convention.

EMS Symposium

I attended the Virginia Office of EMS EMS Symposium in Norfolk VA in early November. Chris came with me to check out the sights of Norfolk (or "Nawfik" as the locals allegedly say it).

This was mostly a way to get the last of my Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to renew my EMT for another 4 years. And it worked -- right after the Symposium I got the email that I have enough CEUS, my card will renew in February.

While we were there we checked out the Norfolk Southern train museum.

The Cavalry Crew

A stack of various kinds of Dungeons and Dragons Dice on a map

I got back into Dungeons and Dragons this year. It is a way to reconnect with the past and have some fun with new adventures at the same time.

Our "party" is the "Cavalry Crew", because we tend to charge directly to the most dangerous monster in the dungeon, rather than work our way through all the lesser monsters first.


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