Shenandoah in May

We took a trip to the Shenandoah Mountains in May. We went early in the season, took the hike to Dark Hollow falls and took the Big Meadow tour. You might think there wouldn't be much to talk about in a place that at a glance is just a bunch of grass with some trees. You would be mistaken.

Got the House Painted

Back in March, we got our house painted.

We got it painted a "french grey" color -- not sure what makes it french, but it does look very nice.

Went to Michigan in September -- Geer School Reunion

In September we went to Michigan for a Geer School reunion. Geer Elementary school was a one room Schoolhouse when my Dad went there. They had added a second room by the time my brother and I went there, but has been "restored" back to one room since then.

Went to Cape May in October

We went to Cape May in October, checked out the beach and some other Frank Lloyd Wright stuff.

Went to Chicago in May

In May we went to Chicago, toured Frank Lloyd Wright stuff.

And stayed in a hotel with Robots.

100 reps a day challenge

Anyone watching my Twitter feed (@mykevandyke, or just take a look over to the right on the main page of this site), can see I am doing the firefighter "100 reps a day" challenge (hashtag #100RepsADay). The idea is to do 100 of something (there is a list for January, I assume the one for February will be coming soon) every day -- the exercise changes every day.
The challenge comes from firefighter functional fitness (@FirefighterFFit).

New Year's eve/ Rolin's birthday

Chris and I spent New Year's eve with our Grandson Rolin (it is also his birthday!) and his family in State College PA.

Christmas With Family

We celebrated Christmas at Lana and Andrew and Heath’s place. Jeanne, Jordan and Lacy also joined us for brunch and presents.

Turkey Day

We had a great Thanksgiving brunch with the kids and the grand kids at Andrew and Lana's place.

I can now add "Hungry Hungry Hippos" to my resume!

Brunch included Bacon, Egg Souffle, Cranberry bars, Mimosas, and Vegan sausage.


Bruce Springsteen playing guitar on stage.  A stool with a glass of water in the background.

For my birthday, we headed up to NYC to see Springsteen on Broadway (

I took the photo during the encore performance of "This Hard Land", when photography is permitted.

While we were in town we also climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.


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