Four years gone by

So in the past four years, Chris and I have done a lot. Apparently too much for me to have time to update this web site.

Just a few highlights:

-- Trip to Ireland last year
-- Chris is Retiring in August
-- Two new grandkids!

Back from across the pond

Chris and Myle on the Move near the Eiffel tower.

Chris and I are back from our jaunt across the pond, to London, Paris, Stratford-upon-Avon and Cardiff.

This expedition is the outgrowth of a phone call from our friend Doug, back in December. He casually asked "so, what are you doing July 2?". Turns out Chris and I didn't have plans for that day, so he followed up with "Would you like to go see Monty Python then?". When I said that sounded like a good idea, he told me how much the tickets cost. In Pounds Sterling, of course... Turns out the show was in London. added to privacy policy

The privacy policy ( has been updated. It was updated to mention the subdomain, and to clarify that the policy applies to the wiki (

Lunga and Staffa

A Puffin stands among foliage on Lunga Island

As I mentioned in my post about Iona, we took a day trip by boat to see the Islands of Staffa and Lunga.

Lunga, one of the Treshnish isles, is all about the puffins. It also includes something called Harp Rock, which is a rock shaped like, you know, a harp.


A panorama of Ionia showing the sun off to the left, Flex and Nealie are on a hilltop in the center

Whenever people ask me what my favorite part of our trip to Scotland was, I answer with all sincerity "Scotland!". I loved every bit of it, and would go back to any of the places we went to again in a heartbeat.


A large ferry boat that says "Caledonian MacBrayne" on the side. The boat's name on the bow reads "Isle of Mull".

Ferries were a big part of our Scotland trip.

We started with a drive across the mainland to the "Isle of Mull", a very large ferry boat that took us, with our car, to (you probably guessed it), the Isle of Mull.

Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura building.

For me the most interesting place we visited in Edinburgh was the Camera Obscura. It is named for the actual camera obscura on the top floor, which uses a mirror to project an image of its Edinburgh surroundings on a table in the middle of the room. The lower floors of the Camera Obscura building are a museum of optical illusions. I liked the scientific approach they took -- they don't try to do the tourist trap "mystery spot" nonsense.

Edinburgh Castle

Stairs wind their way up a stone wall in Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was the major attraction on our first day in Edinburgh.

The walk to the Castle took us up the Royal Mile, through very modern looking bleachers, and up to the castle. Somewhere in there we got hit up for money for tickets.

It turns out the bleachers are temporary -- they are only set up once a year for the Military Tattoo, which is going on now -- we were out of Scotland before it started.

Arthur's Seat

Chris and Myke looking windblown at the top of Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat, only a mile from our hotel, offered us running and climbing challenges on our second day in Edinburgh.

Your hotel appears to be closed...

The front of the Inn on the Mile, including a sign that says "Boutique Bedrooms, Pub and Kitchen"

The Inn on the Mile is named for its prime location on "The Royal Mile", which is a main drag in the tourist area of Edinburgh. The Inn sits at the intersection of The Royal Mile and North/South Bridge. North and South Bridge are in fact bridges.


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