We traveled to Hawaii in November, flying out on 11/12 and getting back home on 12/3.

The first leg of the trip was actually a 4 day stay in Los Angeles, then we flew to Oahu for 4 days, Kaua'i for a week, and the big island of Hawaii for 4 days.

In LA, we toured Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright designed houses, and went to the Magic Castle.

On Oahu, we climbed Moana Falls, hiked to Makapu Lighthouse, and then climbed Diamond Head.

On Kaua'i we visited a harpist friend of Chris', hung out with Red Crested Cardinals, and "chillaxed" at the cliffs.

You may have heard about the Mauna Loa eruptions -- that all started about 4 hours after we landed on Hawaii. We drove to "Volcano House", our hotel on the edge of the KÄ«lauea Caldera in pitch darkness, not knowing that we were driving right past Mauna Loa as it was about to erupt!

The road home included a stop back in Honolulu, where we visited Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial, and an overnight stop in LA on the way home.

We flew Hawaiian Airlines to and from (and between) Islands. We flew American from DC to LA and back.