Europe Trip

Chris and I did a European Vacation in May (and a little April and June).

We visited: Granada, Malaga, Dublin, Belfast, Cardiff, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and then Edinburgh (again).

While we were over there we caught Springsteen three times (twice in Dublin and once in Edinburgh).


We traveled to Hawaii in November, flying out on 11/12 and getting back home on 12/3.

The first leg of the trip was actually a 4 day stay in Los Angeles, then we flew to Oahu for 4 days, Kaua'i for a week, and the big island of Hawaii for 4 days.

In LA, we toured Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright designed houses, and went to the Magic Castle.

On Oahu, we climbed Moana Falls, hiked to Makapu Lighthouse, and then climbed Diamond Head.

Murph on 11/4

On November 4, 2022, Myke completed the "Murph" Challenge at the Fairfax County Government Center

For some details on the Murph, watch this video. The video dates from the event in 2019.

9/11 Stair Climb

We participated in the 9/11 stair climb at national harbor.
The team page for the Fairfax County Team is here:

Dog Sitting in August

In August we took care of Beatrice, our grandson's Boston Terrier

Myke went on runs with her around the neighborhood -- she is fast!

Busy July

The first part of July was busy with trips to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Michigan (again).

This included a going away party for one of Myke's nieces, who is moving to Utah, lots of fun with grandkids, including a trip to Del Grosso's amusement park, and a visit to Myke's parents way up north in Michigan's Upper Penninsula.


I retired at the end of March.

The fact that I'm posting this at the end of June is a testament to how busy life has been since I retired.

There have been trips to State College to visit grandkids, Michigan to visit my family, and Burlington Massachusetts to do an emergency response exercise.

I put in over three times the required hours with the fire department in June.

Love in the time of COVID

I spent a year writing a novel on twitter, one tweet per day

"It's called 'Love in the time of COVID'"

I started it quite randomly, when Stephen King tweeted that he was "waiting to read" it

(Doing the math, that comes out to Novella length, not a full novel)

Here's the unroll all in one place:

October Deer

Probably not the same deer as the one from our backyard in September -- here's one I happened upon while running on Theodore Roosevelt Island (

(Yes, there is a deer in that picture)

Backyard Deer last September

Thinking of warmer days today, here's a deer who visited the back yard in September


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