Storms bring Beautiful Skies in July

Pink hued clouds with tree limbs on the right and tree line at the bottom.  Sunlight peeks through the middle.

Chris and I walked out after a thunderstorm had rolled by and caught site of a beautiful sky one day in July.

April Flowers!

Chris and Myke in front of a tree blooming with white flowers

April brought warm weather and blooming flowers

Fox Visit in February

Some foxes passed by in February

Christmas in State College

We headed up to State College for Christmas with the Grandkids

A visit from some four legged neighbors

Four deer graze around a larger tree, bushes in the background and to either side

We may have been shut in by the pandemic in November, but that didn't stop the neighborhood deer form paying us a visit!

Grandma Jeanne visits her new granddaughter

Jeane holding the new baby, with Chris sitting next to her

Chris' sister Jeane visited her new granddaughter in October shortly after she was born

We have a new "grand niece"!

We have a new grand niece as of October

Stair Climb in September 2020

Chris and Myke looking like they have worked hard climbing stairs

In September 2020, we did a 9-11 stair climb at the Fairfax County fire academy

This was part of the virtual Prince George's County 9-11 stair climb.

August Sunset

Chris' sister Jeane caught a picture of this beautiful sunset while she was driving back from DC in August

Fire Engine Visit

Myke swung by for a visit on an engine shift in August!


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